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4 Steps to a Beautiful Garden!

Step One

Fill your Bloom’n Garden Pouch® with a soil-less growing mix.

Soil-less growing mix is usually a blend containing peat-moss, perlite, vermiculite and composted bark. Do NOT use a blend containing soil or sand. Commercial blends are available at your favorite garden store.
Amounts Needed for Plantin
Blossom® - 8 quarts of soil-less growing mix and 12 starter plants
Little Joey™ - 8 quarts of soil-less growing mix and 8 starter plants

Step Two

Cut openings in your Bloom’n GardenPouch® according to the pattern printed on pouch.

The Blossom® has room for 12 plants while the Little Joey has room for 8 plants.

Step Three

Plant your starter plants by tucking roots through the cuts and into the mix. Starting at the bottom, plant the front of pouch and then two in the top.


Water your starter plants before planting.
For easier planting, conform root of the plant into narrow cone shape
If needed, you may cut openings slightly larger than the printed pattern on the Pouch
For plants that grow more aggressively, spread or will bush to cover the Pouch

Step Four

Water your Bloom’n GardenPouch® through the top opening. Hang in sun or shade according to plant need.

That's it!

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