Additional Tips for your Bloom'n Garden Pouch®



• Be sure to use a soil-less growing mix* in your pouch (see outside label).
• Water your starter plants before planting.
• For easier planting, conform root of the plant into narrow cone shape.
• If needed, you may cut openings slightly larger than the printed pattern on the Pouch.
• For plants that grow more aggressively, spread, or will bush out to cover the Pouch**, disregard printed pattern on Pouch. Choose a pattern spacing; A, B, or C, as illustrated, then cut and plant front of pouch and one in the top.
• When finished planting your Bloom'n Garden Pouch®, water thoroughly and hang in a shady area for several days until starter plants have become acclimated. After acclimated, hang your Pouch in sun/shade according to the plant variety you have used.



• To hang your Bloom'n GardenPouch® against a tree, use a rope to attach the handle of the pouch, tying the rope around the trunk of the tree, to keep it from swaying in the wind. Use another rope and secure the middle of the pouch to the tree as well.
• This method may also work well for other windy areas. 



• Be sure to water your Pouch until a good flow of water trickles from the drainage holes at the bottom of the Pouch.
• When conditions are exceptionally dry (e.g. extremely hot weather, plants are excessively wilting or drooping), you may submerge the entire Pouch in a container of water for three to five minutes. The container should be large enough so that the plants will not be damaged.



• For a beautiful, healthy Bloom'n GardenPouch®, fertilizing is a must. We suggest fertilizing once a week with a well-balanced water soluble fertilizer.
• Never fertilize a dry Pouch. If Pouch is dry, water first, then water again with fertilizer mixture. 



• At the end of the growing season, cut plant off the face of the Pouch. Turn the Pouch upside down and empty out roots and growing mixture. Inspect your Pouch for any major tears, especially around the handle area. If none are present, wash out Pouch thoroughly with mild soap and water. Rinse, dry, and store away (out of sunlight) for another season's use.
• The Bloom'n Garden Pouch® has been used up to 4 years or more!
• We as growers and manufacturers of the Bloom'n Garden Pouch® hope you enjoy the great beauty the Bloom'n Garden Pouch® can bring to any home, garden or business.

* Soil-less growing mix is a blend usually containing peatmoss, perlite, vermiculite and composted bark. Do NOT use a blend containing soil or sand. Commercial blends are available at your favorite garden store.
** New Guinea Impatiens, Ivy Geraniums, Tomatoes, etc...

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